The Original Dickens Carolers hold auditions in late August or early September when new carolers are needed.


Original Dickens Carolers books multiple quartets, in the Denver area, in Northern Colorado near Fort Collins and also in the Southern Colorado area of Colorado Springs and Pueblo.  We also have quartets in Salt Lake City, Utah. We book events 7 days a week, mornings through late evening, November through Christmas day.

All performance material is fully memorized for optimal audience participation. We provide key costume pieces, props and rehearsal materials and schedule initial rehearsals based on new caroler availability and need, during the initial 6 weeks prior to joining veterans 2-3 rehearsals per week in October and November.  Gig assignment is based upon individual caroler availability.
During the holiday season good weekend availability, (Friday evening through Sunday afternoon), is a must.
Weekday 7:30am – 5pm and Christmas Eve availability is also needed.

Auditions by appointment August 2-10th.

Two cuttings from existing carols will be emailed ahead of time, also please plan to sing approx. 16 measures of a standard Christmas Carol and cold read excerpts from two of our “stories.”

Roles available:
Gov’nor (Baritone/Bass) Group Emcee, Charming, but somewhat stuffy, calls songs and provides pitch.

Sebastian (Tenor) Fancies himself as a ladies man, a bit of a practical joker

Felicity (Soprano) The beauty, with poise and grace, requires a blendable solo voice.

Pip (Alto, 2nd Soprano) The foundling, orphan in knickers and a jacket. Loveable and approachable, high energy is a must.  Smaller child-like appearance preferable (5’4 or less is ideal).

Send questions, a headshot and resume to